Hair and Scalp Testimonials

“I have been using Dr. Earles’ products over the last 4 years and they truly helped me to combat dandruff while maintaining my usual shampoo schedule. I’ve recommended the products to all of my family and friends.”

- Kirstyn F., Chicago, IL


Hello Dr. Earles. I found your website while surfing the internet. I bought your products for my husband. He had a terrible problem with dry itch scalp. He would scratch so much that his hair thinned out on the top and his scalp would be red. He would scratch his head without realizing that he was scratching. He said he felt a dramatic difference in his scalp the very first time he used your products. He said that later on in the day he felt strange, and finally realized that he wasn't scratching. WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!

- Stacy B., Washington, DC


I heard about your product through a friend who was a patient of yours.  She let me try a small amount of your cream and shampoo a while ago and it worked wonders. Someone else told me that I could go online to order it and the rest is history.  I love your product and it has helped me tremendously!!!

- Christal W., Chicago, IL


“I have been using Dr. Earles products over the last 4 years and it truly helped  me to combat dandruff while maintaining my usual shampoo schedule.  I have  recommended the products to all of my family and friends.”  

Kathy Liu

“I never had a problem with dandruff myself but both my 8 year old daughter  and my 13 year old son have inherited the problem from their father.  As soon  as I brought home Dr. Earles products home, I managed to help eliminate this  problem in my household and I am not letting it come back.” 

Allison Finley

 "Once I had the worst embarrassing moment when I got my hair cut at the   local barbershop.  My dandruff was so bad that have such bad dandruff   that I covered the apron with flakes and my barber started with the snow   flake jokes.  The jokes finally stopped and he then was quite familiar with   the Dr. Earles  product line and he recommended me to pick some up. Since then, there have not been any more snowflake jokes." 

Brian Johnson

Razor Bump Testimonials

“I was surprised when my girlfriend told me that the Dr. Earles Razor Bump Treatment even works for my occasional bikini wax and tweezing.  The Razor Bump Treatment quickly eliminated the post wax bumps that I always experience after my waxing.”

- Emina D., Atlanta, GA.

“Since my skin always breaks out into severe Razor Bumps, I think that I have almost tried every Razor Bump product out on the market until I tried Dr. Earles Razor Bump Treatment. Trust me. . .No other product out there can achieve what this product can. I finally found the Razor Bump Treatment that I am completely satisfied with.”

- Mike O., Las Vegas, NV
“When it comes down to hair and skin care, I only listen to my barber since that is his expertise. When he told me that the Dr. Earles Razor Bump Treatment is the best on the market, I knew that I could trust him.  Know I trust him as well as the Dr. Earles brand name.”

- Kenny I., Chicago, IL.

Skin Care Testimonials

“I work in the entertainment industry and appearance is unfortunately sometimes as important as performance. Therefore, I only count on the Dr. Earles Skin Care System to assist me in maximizing my beauty.”

- Allison S., Los Angeles, CA


“I have tried 2 other “fancy” Skin Care Systems and always demanded my money back as I was always left unsatisfied and disillusioned. My friend then recommended the Dr. Earles Skin Care System, and this has been the first Skin Care System that actually worked for my skin type.  I have been using the Dr. Earles Skin Care System for over a year now.”

- Lawanna B., Detroit, MI