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René M. Earles, M.D.

Who is Dr. Earles?
Born October 31, 1940 in New Orleans, LA, Rene Martin Earles grew up in Washington, DC and attended Howard University, double majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Rene went on to Howard’s College of Medicine, finishing in 1967. Dr. Earles took an Internship and went on to Intern at Freedmen’s Hospital. After two surgical residencies at D.C. General Hospital, Dr. Earles joined the U.S. Navy to direct the Medical Clinic at Sand Point Naval Air Station in Seattle, Washington. While in the Navy, Dr. Earles took a Preceptorship in Dermatology at the University of Washington, formally beginning his career as a dermatologist.

How did he start his career?
Leaving the Navy in 1972, Dr. Earles moved to Chicago to become a dermatological resident at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital. Finishing his residency in 1975, Dr. Earles opened his private practice in Bronzeville, which would eventually grow to become one of Chicago’s largest dermatologic practices, boasting over 20,000 active patients. Throughout the course of his career, Dr. Earles has treated over 200,000 people from around the country and internationally.

What has contributed to his success as a physician?
During the late seventies and early eighties, Dr. Earles combined his experience in general surgery with his growing dermatologic expertise to pioneer methods in hair transplantation in African Americans. After experiencing significant success developing methods for men, Dr. Earles became one of the country’s first physicians to perform a hair transplant with a ‘Scalp Reduction’ on a woman; a procedure which is now known as the “Earles Flap.” With the phenomenal success of the new transplantation techniques, Dr. Earles’ medical practice and reputation ballooned, more than doubling in size and expanding into Northwest Indiana.

How did Dr. Earles develop his product line?
While publishing and speaking extensively on his work in hair transplantation, Dr. Earles began experimenting in different methods of chemical compounding, laying the groundwork for the development of the Dr. Earles product line. In 1997, Dr. Earles won a United States Patent: “A Composition for Treating Seborrheic Dermatitis of the Scalp,” which would evolve into his dandruff product, the Dr. Earles Hair and Scalp Treatment. The Treatment would serve as the cornerstone for an entire line of hair, scalp and skin care products.

In 2001, as demand for the products began to outpace the Doctor’s ability to produce them himself, he teamed with his son, Robert Earles and small team of managers to form Dr. Earles, LLC. The company is responsible for the manufacturing, marketing and distributing of the expanded Dr. Earles product line.

In 2009, Dr. Earles' son Robert and his daughter Andrea, left Dr. Earles, LLC to pursue their dreams.  Robert is now a lawyer in Chicago and Andrea is an actress. A new company was formed, Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products, and now,  Dr. Earles' wife, Sylvia Earles, is the CEO of the company, and his longtime Office Manager, Dorothy Magee, is now the COO.  Sylvia and Dorothy have work very hard to personally deliver you the best products and the finest service for women and men of color in the African-American community and throughout the Caribbean and even in Africa.

The future for Dr. Earles Hair and Skin Care Products is very bright.  "The Legendary Doctor Earles", is always looking for ways to bring the doctor to your home and Flossmoor Dermatology Associates is "Where Dermatology Creates Beauty".  If you have lost hair along your hairline because of tight braiding, we are here to bring your hair back to where it belongs and restore your beauty.  If you are experiencing itching all over your body, we are here to alleviate that problem right now.  The doctor knows who you are and he would like to see you at your best.  We are "Where Dermatology Creates Beauty".  Come and see us at our new MedSpa!