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Dermatologist, Flossmoor, IL

Welcome to Flossmoor Dermatology Associates, SC

At Flossmoor Dermatology Associates, S.C., we believe that a doctor and patient become a "team" for treating a patient's dermatologic problems. Dr. Earles is a compassionate person. He listens to his patients, understands their concerns and develops the best treatment options. He and his staff follow up treatment regimen to make sure that itching stops, bumps are eliminated, skin tone improves, and hair grows back.

Dr. Earles has had extensive experience treating African-American men and women and people of color from all over the world. He has treated patients who have come from as close as the Caribbean and as far away as Brazil.  They have come from many African countries including Ethiopia, South Africa and Nigeria.

 Nigeria is the home of his former good friend and accountant, Richard Onwenu, who unfortunately died this past year.  Richard was the brother of Onyekechi Onwenu, the outstanding singer and actress.

Dr. Earles has had extensive experience with hair problems that affect people of color.  He understands the uniqueness of our hair and hair problems in many people of color. He understands that simple things like the treatment of dandruff in African-American women is not treated by shampooing with various shampoos 4 to 5 times a week.  That is why he invented "Dr. Earles No More Flakes", an ointment that is applied daily and "No More Flakes Shampoo" which is used to shampoo the hair once a week by the patient and their stylists. 

Our doctor is an expert and pioneer of surgical treatment in problems of hair loss from tight braids, weaves, and close cuts in men leading to hair bumps, keloids and ultimately hair loss.  Dr. Earles is the world expert in conventional hair transplants for people of color.  He has created his own surgical procedure, "The Earles Flap" to treat hair loss of the margins of the scalp. (See pictures).

We look forward to meeting you and using our expertise to correct your problem(s).